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Due to some recent social media posts, the response to our little camper has been simultaneously overwhelming, exciting, and, I have to say, intimidating. Yesterday alone, January 21st, this website received 120,000 visits! That’s more than the last three years combined!

In conceiving, and launching this business, I never consider the possibility it would take off like this, and become yet another production line of mass-produced trailers. And it won’t. My dream hasn’t changed, and that is to hand build a very limited number of high-quality, unique campers each year, from my small shop. Consequently, the waitlist is now more than one year, and I have decided to curtail any further orders until the backlog is cleared somewhat, and I can better evaluate the direction forward.

I cannot express enough the gratitude and support from the many thousands of you who have complimented, encouraged, and appreciated my Odyssey teardrops.

If you would like to get on my mailing list to be notified when we are open to new orders again ( which will likely be late 2023), please fill out the contact form. Your email will not be shared.

Payment options

Our payment plan is 1/4 of the base price and options chosen, at time of ordering . At mid-point in the build, typically when the chassis and coach are completed, a second 1/4 installment is due. The third installment will be due after major components/options are installed and final finish work takes place. On delivery and walk-through of your Odyssey, the final 1/4 is due. You will receive at this time all required documents allowing you to register and transfer ownership of the trailer. You will also receive a temporary license plate or trip permit, to get you home. We’re generally not offering delivery at this stage, however, we may be able to drive the trailer to a location closer to you. For instance, I am meeting a buyer from Ohio in Yellowstone Park, to take delivery there. Depending on your state where you will be registering and titling the trailer, applicable sales tax may be due, and for Canadian buyers customs duty may also be required. Payments are best made through bank wire transfer or Zelle, to avoid transaction fees. We highly recommend the wire transfer method, usually just a nominal fee, and will provide you with the information by phone or DM. A check in the mail is also acceptable payment: 16500 NE 43 rd Cir, Vancouver, Washington 98682

Refund policy

Things happen, that’s life! All deposits and second installment payments are refundable, if you happen to encounter legitimate financial difficulties, unexpected illness, etc. Refunds are conditional on us finding another buyer for your trailer, and the new buyer replacing the funds you have already paid, so this could take several weeks, or months, depending on how far the build has progressed, special features or options added, etc. There is no refund after taking delivery and final payment is made. Please understand, there may be no refund possible for a heavily customized trailer that would be difficult to sell.

Progress of your trailer build

Once your trailer enters the production line, we will send you email or text updates, photos and videos of the progress. You can also visit our manufacturer facility whenever you like, although we would prefer an advance notice so provision can be made for a tour, just in case we’re at a show, or out camping ourselves! A finished model is usually always available so you can better visualize your own Odyssey, or take a nap in it, if you like! Remember, having an Odyssey Teardrop built is nothing like the typical RV purchase. You will have a pleasurable experience with unmatched customer service and attention to quality! We build only a handful of trailers per year, and fully expect every client to become a friend . We’re counting on you to be our best sales team, as you tour the land proudly with your own Odyssey!

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