Tell me that doesn’t look warm and inviting! What’s for dinner?
A 100 ah battery is standard, with multiple LED lights, 12v and usb power points. Shore power system with 110v receptacles in the galley and main cabin. Wired for solar, with a larger, permanent system optional.
Exploring those “out of the way” places has never been easier!

Be ready to turn heads.

New model in development!

Each trailer is a unique, hand-built creation, taking nearly 2 months start to finish! Variations in choice of cabinet wood, countertops, and other small touches, guarantee you will own a one-of-a-kind camper. Check out our innovative sliding top campstove center. Doubles the workspace, and allows the campstove to face outwards for more versatility.
18 CF easily accessible storage under the beds. All of the floor panels can be removed.
Why settle for the ordinary? Every Odyssey Teardrop is made to order by a master craftsman. Special touches, and attention to detail, are paramount, so each trailer is unique. No factory assembly line here, we will produce only a handful of builds each year.
The slide-out bunk bed is a big hit with the kids!
We’re on the cover of Cool Tears! Read the article free online: September/October 2020
Set up time is under 2 minutes!
The bed stowed away folds up to just 18” wide, so the main cabin and king size bed can be used without deploying the bunk.
Our latest galley setup with the optional electric (110v/12v) cooler! So convenient, and with solar panels can operate indefinitely off-grid.
Nothing like a little bling! Our new diamond plate aluminum fenders (standard on all models) really add a classy look, and reduce total trailer width by 3”. 200w solar panels are an optional, but really appreciated, upgrade.

It’s a chilly 40° here at Crater Lake, but with the heat on, a toasty 75° inside!
Oh, The places you’ll go!
Serenity under the towering Redwoods.
Optional dinette feature converts the front bed into a convenient dining area, or a nightstand for the upper bunk. Stores under the floor when not needed.
Interior view with the bed folded up for travel. Still lots of headroom so the lower bed is useable, and the dinette can be left in place, (post fits between the split mattresses.)
Always busy in the shop! From the back: the original prototype SL610, next is a nearly completed unit getting close to delivery, and closest is a new order taking shape.
A new option is the very popular Lightleaf Solar panels, available in 100w or 140w configurations. The curved panels elegantly match the trailer’s curved profile, and can be removed and placed remotely to follow the sun.
Each trailer has unique cabinetry and finishing details, so no two are alike! Owners will enjoy a truly “one of a kind” creation.
Every Odyssey buyer also will get a set of 11”x17” signed prints of my original hand-drawn conceptional artwork.

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